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Are you seeking to start your thought leadership by speaking at industry conferences? Do you think you are ready to start commanding fees for speaking?

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I am currently looking to fill some panel spots at SXSW and CES.  Have an idea for a panel, let me know!



SXSW Call for Panelists!


Are you ready to speak at one of the highest profile event of the year? SXSW is happening again March 17-22, 2019.

SXSW is accepting proposals until July 20th!

Now is your chance to increase your thought leadership in front of a diverse audience of consumers and business leaders.

Need help on your submission or want to join one of my submission panels?

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Good luck!


Want to speak at CES?


Less than one month to go to submit a speaking proposal for the biggest Consumer Electronics event of the year–CES!  The Las Vegas show, Jan 8-11, 2019 boasts an attendance of more than 184,000.  You don’t have to be just involved in electronics or typical technology to be a speaker.

CES is looking for speakers on 5G, AI, healthcare, smart cities, health & wellness & resiliency.

CES has a short call, deadline is 7/13.

Submit a speaking proposal for CES

Good luck!

Is a Speaker’s Bureau Right for You?


A Speaker’s Bureau is a resource for meeting planners, conference organizers, event planners and others to secure a speaker for their event, conference, sales meeting, fundraiser, etc.

You will find sports stars and Olympic athletes, former government officials, book authors, celebrity chefs, actors, TV personalities, entertainers, journalists, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and many others.

The main benefit for a speaker is that you have an online resource to market yourself worldwide to those looking for your expertise and insight and you can earn some money.

A Speaker’s Bureau is right for you if:

  • You already have experience speaking at events and have references and a speaker’s reel.
  • You have some notoriety in your field.
  • You have a great story to tell and an engaging personality.
  • You want more speaking leads or don’t have time to look for your own leads.
  • You have the funds to pay a commission or fee for a bureau to provide you with leads and/or assist you in securing speaking opportunities.
  • You are want to start commanding a speaking fee.

What you need to get started:

  • High-Resolution Color Photo
  • Current Bio
  • Speaking Topics and Outlines
  • Testimonials from Previous Talks
  • One-Sheet (One-page summary sheet)
  • Recent Video of a Speech Given Before a Live Audience
  • Press You Have Received
  • Book(s) Published
  • Media Articles
  • Speaker’s Reel (video)
  • Social Media Handle and/or Blog Links
  • List of previous speaking events/clients

Fees and Compensation

Bureaus typically charge either a monthly or yearly fee and/or a commission on the number of bookings. Bureau fees can range from 5-20%.

Some burueas will just provide a portal for connecting with event organizers, others actually work to book you at events and arrange travel, etc.

Compensation is a speaking fee or honorarium and/or per diem and travel expenses.

Most speakers can expect to earn from $250-$3,000 (low end) $3,000-$7,000 (mid-range); $10,000 up high range.  (Well-known speakers, celebrities, etc. easily garner $30,000 and up and former presidents can earn close to $1 million).

Popular Speaker’s Bureau

Here are some of the most popular Speaker’s Bureaus. (Note, I am not endorsing these).

AEI Speakers Bureau
American Program Bureau
International Speakers Bureau
National Speakers Bureau
Premier Speakers Bureau
Washington Speakers Bureau

Speakers Hub

This is a new service I am currently testing for my high-profile clients.  It is free to load a profile, although you cannot access paid speaking opps, only free ones.

Hot tip:  they also list Call for Speakers where you can review conferences who are looking for speakers (unpaid). However, if you upgrade your membership, you can access speaker calls that pay a fee.

Do you need help securing speaking opportunities (paid and nonpaid)?
Do you have a speaking topic that you want to expand to reach different audiences? Need a list of conferences looking for speakers? Feel free to contact me below to join my speaker’s bureau or to be listed on my agency page for top tier speakers.

Conference Speaking Deadlines

Deadlines this week for submitting speaking proposals at conferences

Do you want to add “speaker” to your resume? Do you have a unique story to tell?

These are just a few of the conferences have deadlines this week to submit a speaking proposal–contact me for more info!

All American High School Film Festival
AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference
Appy Awards
Bicycle Film Festival
Big Muddy Film Festival
Cine Gear Expo
Cloud Expo New York
CMX Summit 2018
Connected Health Conference
Digital Summit: Atlanta
European Women in Technology
GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas & CTIA
Innovation Review of IoT Sensors
Internet of Things Expo
Long Beach Indie – Film, Media, and Music Festival
National Forum on Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Real to Reel Film & Video Festival
Southern Circuit – Tour of Independent Filmmakers
State of Search
Woodstock Film Festival



Top Blockchain and Crypto Conferences


Most comprehensive list of conferences available anywhere.

There were more than 100 blockchain conferences in the month of March alone!

As the interest in blockchain and all of its applications is exploding, the number of conferences in this area, including crypto are one of the fastest growing conference categories, as people are looking to learn about this often confusing topic and its limitless applications.

There are more than 1,000 conference worldwide on the topics of blockchain, crypto currency, bitcoin alone, and most every other industry conference is starting to incorporate blockchain education into its agenda.


List of all blockchain and crypto, bitcoin conferences–updated daily!

Do you want to attend one of these blockchain, fintech conferences to understand what all of the fuss is all about?  Contact me for the entire list of 500!

blockchain conferences 2


Increase your brand visibility by speaking at conferences.


What you need to know.

How are speakers sourced?

Most B2B conferences source speakers via:

Call for speakers.  Potential speakers complete a form and provide a bio, summary of talk.  Submit by deadline for consideration.

Open call.  Organizers accept speaker inquiries and submissions year-round.

Invited.  Many smaller, higher level conferences cull their own speakers. However, if you think you would make a great speaker, reach out to the organizer as they will never advertise that they are looking for speakers!  If you are invited, you may be able to secure a small fee or travel reimbursement.

Professionals only!  Many event organizers use professional Speaker’s Bureaus to source their speakers.  These are for conferences who will pay for top speakers such as celebrities, authors, public officials and other high-profile speakers.

Pay to Play!  Yes, the industry has gone the way of sponsorship in exchange for speaking.  The speaker’s company pays a fee for a speaking slot.  Usually other sponsorship benefits are included.

Exhibitor talks or demos on the show floor.  Often, shows with exhibitions will have a demo theater, educational pavilion where exhibitors can present ideas and showcase products.



  1. Your topic should be interesting, new and leave attendees with real take-aways that they can use on the job.
  2. Don’t submit a commercial pitch! Keep product or brand mentions few–focus on your audience and not you!  A submission that is a product pitch will be rejected. (there are exceptions of course–such as you are invited to discuss how you built a brand, etc.)
  3. Include learning objectives in your submission–this forces you to make sure that your content is informative and educational and not commercial.
  4. Conference agendas are often set a year in advance, so you need to submit your speaker inquiry early–so make sure you track the deadlines of the show you are interested in at least 6 mos in advance.
  5. Miss a deadline but really want to participate?  Ask the organizer if there are any slots available on a panel, suggest a new panel or ask to moderate an existing panel. Put together your own panel of speakers who you have vetted yourself–organizer might appreciate having a ready-made panel.

How do you keep on top of all of the conferences to know who is accepting speakers, by what deadline and how to secure a paid or uncompensated slot?  Ask me!  I can help.


I have more than 30 years of experience working with top events planners, major convention centers and have organized hundreds of events for many companies and secured speaking slots at most every major conference for individuals as well as company executives.  I secure paid, compensated and uncompensated speaking slots, from keynotes to panels or breakouts.  I represent CEO’s, product managers, authors, chefs, and average Joe’s or Jane’s with inspirational stories to tell.

Do you have a truly unique story to tell? A product or service you want to increase awareness about?  Let’s talk.

Let me help you attend or plan your next conference or trade show.

Thanks for joining me!

Are you overwhelmed by the hundreds or even thousands of industry trade shows and conferences? Do you want to know which ones are a good target for launching your product, becoming a thought leader or reaching new customers?

Do you want to launch your own conference but don’t know where to start?

I can help!

I am a seasoned marketing, pr professional and conference and trade show planner. I have worked for individuals, startups and Fortune 500 companies, planning their events and all related marketing.

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